Spring Conference 2016

university city, pennsylvania: Isama mo ako

The goal of this even is to allow attendees to go on two different journeys: A cultural journey and a more personal journey. The cultural journey would bring FIND, Inc. back to its roots as an organization that spreads Philippine culture and traditions. It is meant to highlight how much the culture has changed and to showcase the original, especially as traditions have been brought over to America. The personal journeys are meant to inspire and motivate attendees by showing journeys that they can relate to, with some focus on how being Asian American has impacted the speaker. The conference culminates in a workshop that puts the first two sessions together, where a person's story may have been affected greatly by their culture. It also ties into the theme of joining somebody else and being able to tap into the extensive network that FIND, Inc. offers. 


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2017: District III: Pace University, Ang Mundo At Ako

2016: District V: University City, Isama Mo Ako 

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2014: District VII: University of Virginia, Bukas Ngayon: Tomorrow Starts Now

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