Hunter Chun - District I

Boston University

Computer Science Major


“Seeing the cultures of fil-am organizations from other districts is always interesting to me. I feel like it helps me gain perspective on my experience with my home organization, while also giving me ideas on how to better serve it.”

Ralph Dela Cruz - District I

Northeastern University

Computer Science & Design Major

“I joined National because I wanted to be more involved in a much larger Filipino-American community outside of NEU and District 1, and also wanted to rebuild to bridge between D1 and FIND Inc.”



 Chandler Gabagat - District II

University of Connecticut

Accounting Major


"I joined nationals to revitalize District 2 and initiate expansion. I also love meeting new people from all the different districts and making new friends! The experience you get from traveling, sharing your story as well as hearing everyone else was so enticing!"

Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at 18.11.13.png

 Angelique Campo - District II

University of Connecticut

Speech, Language, Hearing Sciences Major


"I joined Nationals because I met a bunch of just regular degular students like me who were doing something special. They saw potential in me. It gave me hope; it helped me realize that I have the power to incite change and to start a conversation. Now that I'm here, they can't get rid of me."



Morgan Williams - District IV

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Computer Science and Digital Media Major

“I joined Nationals because I want to contribute my efforts in spreading Filipino culture. I really love the idea of spreading cultural awareness among the diversities within my district. Also, I look forward to the opportunity to learn more about the Filipino community and be involved with other Philippine American students this year.”


Brandon Tan - District V

Villanova University

Psychology and Spanish Major

“I joined FIND because I want to be able to join a group of individuals who promote the Filipino culture while simultaneously promote a sense of community. I think it is important for all individuals to feel that they have a place in society, and I am confident that FIND will allow for these individuals to feel welcome.”