Nesanne Tam - District I

Northeastern University

Computer Science & Linguistics Major


"I wanted to join national because I was interested in getting more involved in the Filipino community in the Greater Boston area, and throughout the east coast!"





Chandler Gabagat - District II

University of Connecticut

Accounting Major


"I joined nationals to revitalize District 2 and initiate expansion. I also love meeting new people from all the different districts and making new friends! The experience you get from traveling, sharing your story as well as hearing everyone else was so enticing!"





Franches Garay - District II

University of Connecticut

Allied Health Sciences, Pre-Med Major


"I wanted to become part of something greater than myself but I also am passionate about what FIND, Inc. stands for. It’s so important for an organization like FIND to bring to light and make the younger generations aware of their own identity as Filipino-Americans. I wanted to be a part of that in ways where I can directly impact and make a difference."




Ian Contreras - District II

University of Connectict

Biomedical Engineering Major


"I wanted a chance to be more involved with the FIND inc community. I also wanted to help D2 expand within it's own district and obtain a more prominent presence within FIND."









Jaeanne Vicencio - District III

Stevens Institute of Technology

Engineering Management Major


"I joined national to expand my network as well as provide networking opportunities for others and FIND new ways to be personable with people from a far!"

Czaerra Ucol - District III

New York University

Asian/Pacific/American Studies Major

“I joined National because I am very passionate about sharing what I learn about Filipino/Filipino American history and culture in my major with our community! I love to teach people and I love making new friends through my involvement in FIND!”




Gem Sapuay District V

Rowan University

Biological Sciences Major


"FIND Conference and Dialogue is one of the main reasons why I became a National Proxy. Having it been my first FIND events this past year. I was amazed at how many Filipino-American and other diversities of college students became one whole and listened to filipino-american speakers talk about filipino-american identity and also discuss their personal identity through a dialogue. This basically made me fall in love with FIND and their initiative to bring awareness to the importance of discussions on social issues as well as inspire others to find themselves culturally, socially, mentally and physically. This is why I am here today "




Althea Pulido - District V

Stockton University 

Nursing Major


I joined FIND to share my love for my culture with a bigger family. I came into college not knowing many people, and I was immediately welcomed into my school’s org, PASAS, as if they were my own blood. Soon, I was being handed leadership responsibilities, such as helping PASAS become more recognized at Stockton, planning Conference in 2016, and serving on District V’s Executive Board. I quickly transitioned from being a timid little freshman into a leader who is ready for any challenge. Today I continue to be involved with FIND to give back to the community who shaped me into the person that I am today and in hopes of helping others find their voice.

Robbie Probadora - District VIII

Kennesaw State University

Biology and Biochemistry Major;

Concentration in Pre-Med

Anthropology and Asian Studies Minor

“ I joined National to empower Filipino students to be successful in life.”