About the FIND, Inc. Alumni Network

The FIND, Inc. Alumni Network is a network of graduates or, more broadly, of former students, who attended a recognized FIND, Inc. member school and have remained in good faith and standing with FIND, Inc. This network provides various benefits and services that help alumni maintain connections to FIND, Inc. their former school organizations, and their fellow graduates. 

Defining a FIND, Inc. Alumni

A “FIND, Inc. Alumni” is anyone who has been associated with FIND, Inc. during their collegiate or post-undergraduate time, whether they were a former National Director, Proxy, Board of Directors Member, Advisor, District Executive Board Member, Planning Board Member, member organization executive board member, or a delegate.

A “FIND, Inc. Alumni” is also anyone that held any of the positions above that are still attending graduate programs. These alumni must have served as FIND, Inc. leaders and must plan to further their work with the organization as part of the FIND, Inc. Alumni Network.

Interested in being a part of the Alumni Network?

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