What is the Alumni Network?

The FIND, Inc. Alumni Network is a network of graduates or, more broadly, of former students, who attended a recognized FIND, Inc. member school and have remained in good faith and standing with FIND, Inc. This network provides various benefits and services that help alumni maintain connections to FIND, Inc. their former school organizations, and their fellow graduates. 


What are the benefits of participating in the FIND, Inc. Alumni Network?

  1. Professional Networking

    For many students in our organization, it’s hard to find internships or jobs when we’re pursuing various and diverse career fields. Most of the time it comes down to who you know, so what happens when those opportunities are limited? Compiling the intended job fields or current professions of FIND, Inc. Alumni, we can bridge the gap between alumnus and student to create career opportunities that may otherwise have not been available to either party

  2. GBM Ideas & Speakers

    An easy way to create content for general body meetings is to invite someone to come speak to your members. Not only are alumni well connected in the professional field, but they also have connections in diverse communities that would be perfect outlets for discussion. Depending on what issues, topics, or ideas you want to gain more insight on, there will be someone out there to help.

  3. Giving Back & Reconnecting

    The number one reason alumni stay in contact with their collegiate filipino organizations is because of their love for the community. By participating in this program, alumni can find ways to maintain their competency of the filipino community beyond graduation.

  4. Guidance

    Organizations tend to fall into slumps due to troubling issues that can’t be solved overnight. Who would provide better insight that someone who’s been in those shoes? Whether it be one year or four, alumni can provide us guidance and direction to overcome these issues.

  5. Growth

    By realizing our pasts and reflecting on the advice of alumni, each organization can build a better environment and education for their members. Improving our flaws encourages higher retention rates, increasing the amount of people we can help and build relationships with.

Interested in being a part of the Alumni Network?

Fill in the Google Form: goo.gl/forms/UIfTMTuqzuydKBHj1

Any questions or concerns?

Please email: alumninetwork@findinc.org