Isabelle Joy Carrillo - District I

Northeastern University

Linguistics & Psychology Major



"I joined FIND because I was on D1’s executive board last year and I loved reaching out and getting to know people outside of the university bubble. It is so empowering to feel a part of a community so connected through dialogues about our differences and similarities. Last year, it was all about connecting all of the colleges within my little district. This year, I want to challenge myself and take part in connecting the community all throughout FIND."

Nesanne Mae Tam - District I

Northeastern University

Computer Science & Linguistics Major


"I wanted to join National because I was interested in getting more involved in the Filipino community in the Greater Boston area, and throughout the east coast!"


Christian Marquez District II

University of Connecticut

Allied Health Sciences Major & Political Science Minor



"I joined the FIND, Inc. National team because I want to help motivate the future leaders of the world. I am to reignite ties not seen within my District in over a decade an help promote a sense of camaraderie amongst Filipino- American students as well as welcome those who are interested in our culture and bring awareness to our story."

Angelique Campo - District II

University of Connecticut

Speech, Language, Hearing Sciences Major



"I joined Nationals because I met a bunch of just regular degular students like me who were doing something special. They saw potential in me. It gave me hope; it helped me realize that I have the power to incite change and to start a conversation. Now that I'm here, they can't get rid of me."



Chris Cody Carlos District III

William Paterson University

Exercise Science Major



"I joined National because I want to inspire and motivate potential leaders , create opportunities to show more recognition of the FIND community, and unite us all and build the community together. I also have a great passion for leadership and often make myself uncomfortable to surpass my limits and taking on challenges that come my way. I have a lot of fun planning events and getting to know and work with different leaders all throughout the east coast. These are the reasons I joined National and I hope this love and energy I have for this organization is enough to get people interested to join!"




Michael Tuazon District III

Ramapo College

Business Administration, Finance Major



"I joined National to give back to the community. Both D3 and FIND had a huge impact on my growth as an individual. I want to have people experience the same things that I have. I want to be able to keep inspiring others to be leaders so that they can inspires as well." 




Erik Cortes - District III

New Jersey Institute of Technology

Electrical Engineering Major



"I joined National because I wanted to help better my District by being a leader that people could look up to. I also wanted to inspire the next generation of National Directors through my leadership and accomplishments."

Czaerra Ucol - District III

New York University

Asian/Pacific/American Studies Major


“I joined National because I am very passionate about sharing what I learn about Filipino/Filipino American history and culture in my major with our community! I love to teach people and I love making new friends through my involvement in FIND!”



Aidan Uy - District IV

SUNY Binghamton

Computer Science Major



"I joined National to have an impact outside of my local community. I was eager to share my experiences with other Filipinos along the east coast and help each other improve our respective regions."


Althea Pulido - District V

Stockton University 

Nursing Major


“I joined FIND to share my love for my culture with a bigger family. I came into college not knowing many people, and I was immediately welcomed into my school’s org, PASAS, as if they were my own blood. Soon, I was being handed leadership responsibilities, such as helping PASAS become more recognized at Stockton, planning Conference in 2016, and serving on District V’s Executive Board. I quickly transitioned from being a timid little freshman into a leader who is ready for any challenge. Today I continue to be involved with FIND to give back to the community who shaped me into the person that I am today and in hopes of helping others find their voice.”

Chris MoeZaw - District VI

University of Maryland - Baltimore County

Business Technology Administration Major


“I joined Nationals because I fell in love with the organization at a district level and became the chairperson but wanted to contribute and learn even more through all the amazing people across the nation.”


 Mirissa Smith - District VII

University of North Carolina Greensboro

Psychology & Sociology Major



“I joined National because I wanted travel and be able to network with people up and down the east coast. Gaining leadership experience and helping to plan National events are other reasons why I joined.”




Janrei Villavicencio - District VIII

University of North Florida

Communications Major Focusing in Advertising & Photography Minor



“I joined National to positively impact not only my local region of Florida and Georgia but also to impact and collaborate with the many talented schools across the nation. Joining FIND National has truly allowed me to become a better leader and advocate thanks to the platform that FIND, Inc. provides it's members and leaders.”





Anthony Maglaqui District VIII

Florida State University

International Affairs & Political Science



“I joined National because I wanted to inspire the most highly equipped generation to date. I wanted to be a valuable resource to those that and inspire. I hope that the work I do continues to fuel peoples flame and carry on the legacy I leave behind for them.”