What is FINDink?

FINDink is the organization-wide online publication that would provide the much needed medium for up and coming content creators across our network. From fueling Search Engine Optimization and providing content for our social media, to giving members insight on what we stand for as an organization, FINDink is a consistent blog that encourages a dialogue throughout our entire organization. This initiative will help our contributors build a portfolio as well as give them recognition within the greater FIND community!

What kind of articles are submitted to findink?

There are three types of submissions that are posted on FINDink!

  • Submitted Articles

    • Anyone within the Filipino Intercollegiate Networking Dialogue Incorporated’s vast network from student to alumni and friends of FIND can submit content as they see fit, while a committee reviews, edits and approves of each submission.

  • Contributor Articles

    • Strictly for contributors that apply for the position through our website and recruited by the committee. The team of regular contributors provide at least one article per month, which will be reviewed, edited, and approved by the committee.

  • Spotlight Articles

    • Featured submission from prominent outside organizations, individuals or a member of FIND, Inc. such as a National Board or District Executive board member.

How do I become a Contributor and what is expected of me?

In order to be a FINDink Contributor, you must fill out the google form below:


The position is open to all members of FIND, Inc. Our contributors are on a volunteer-only basis. Since this position gives flexibility to work with our contributors schedules and are able to work anywhere at their convenience, contributors must have frequent Internet access to apply. It is a major plus if you have an awesome social media presence!

*You are expected to have past writing experience, whether it be on a personal blog, contributing for another website, etc. Be able to write at least one article per month. Be willing to accept assigned topics on occasion. Be able to follow strict editorial deadlines. Be able to keep in contact with the FINDink Committee at least twice per week to get updates on articles and/or receive feedback.

Any questions or concerns?

Please email: ink@findinc.org

FINDink Committee

Chris Cody Carlos    D3

Chris Cody Carlos


Janrei Villavicencio    D8

Janrei Villavicencio


Ralph Dela Cruz    D1

Ralph Dela Cruz


Angelique Campo    D2

Angelique Campo


Czaerra Ucol    D3

Czaerra Ucol


Franches Garay    D2

Franches Garay