FIND, Inc. Announces 2019 Fall Dialogue Theme, Logo, and Date

August 28, 2019



Curtis Basa, Cammi De La Cruz, Araben Tablizo,,

FIND, Inc. Announces 2019 Fall Dialogue Theme, Logo, and Date

Troy, NY (August 28, 2019) --

The District IV Dialogue 2019 Planning Board and FIND, Inc. are proud to present the theme of this year’s Fall Dialogue, which will be held on Saturday, November 23, 2019: “Barangay: Fostering Community,” as well as its logo.

Barangay is the Filipino term for “neighborhood.” This year, delegates will be asked to focus on their community and how the people and places that surround them are crucial in contributing to one’s development, one’s self, and moreover, one’s survival. The individuals that make up a community are just as important as the community as a whole is to each individual. FIND, Inc. challenges delegates to be mindful of who or what they consider their communities, what connects these communities together, and the overall importance of the community that we surround ourselves with.

The Barangay logo presents an archway that is a common landmark which welcomes people into the barangays scattered all across the Philippines. Each archway is unique to each barangay, and gives a snapshot into the personality of the community and the people that it comprises. Behind the archway are colorful silhouettes of the buildings and homes of the barangay, with their signature eclectic colors and corrugated roofs. The environment of the barangays themselves breathe just as much life into the community as the people who live in it.

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