FIND, Inc. Announces 2019-2020 Membership Packet, Form & Dues

October 8, 2019



Alessandra Vicente &  Jaeanne Vicencio
National Co-Public Relations Officers &

FIND, Inc. Announces 2019-2020 Membership Packet, Form & Dues

Jersey City, NJ (October 9, 2019) --

FIND, Inc. National Board has created a membership packet and updated the membership form for the 2019-2020 term. Due to feedback and concerns raised by student leaders in our network, the membership dues have decreased from $50 to $30 for the 2019-2020 school year. Proceeds are divided where $24 will go to FIND, Inc. and $6 will be contributed to the districts. This change is not permanent, as changes to the annual dues will be determined by the future National Board’s discretion.

The membership packet contains useful information about our organization, most recent programming and how to join our network.

There will be three phases in the process of collecting membership dues this term:

  1. Phase I: $30 dues to be collected [10/6 - 10/26]

  2. Phase II: Membership stats, organization contacts & database submissions [10/12 - 11/8]

  3. Phase III: Sister School form collection [10/17 - 11/8]

This year, National Board would like to introduce the Sister School Program. The purpose of this incentive is to connect multiple schools across different districts with each other to provide a platform to share ideas, culture, merchandise, and encourage productive conversations. More information on how to participate in this program will be released soon.

We are NOW collecting dues beginning with Phase I. We ask that all schools applying fill out the membership google form and submit the membership dues to your district treasurer by October 26th, 2019. For more information, please refer to the membership packet.

The membership packet and form can be found on the FIND, Inc. website at:

For any specific questions, please reach out to our National Treasurer, Julian Salugao at

Instagram: @findinc
Twitter: @findinc
Facebook: @findincorporated

About FIND, Inc.

Founded on April 11, 1992, the Filipino Intercollegiate Networking Dialogue, Incorporated (FIND, Inc.) stands as a symbol to the Filipino and ethnic consciousness presently seen on collegiate campuses. Currently its network actively links over 70 East Coast colleges, universities, vocational, and technical schools.