I'm Filipino, But...


By Claudia Uy, FINDink Contributor

I’m Filipino, but I don’t eat dogs.

Dogs are my favorite animal, and I wanted one since I was a kid.

I’m Filipino, but I’m not late to everything.

Ok, I’m actually working on this one.

I’m Filipino, but I’m not lazy.

Most of the Filipinos I know, including myself, work very hard for their goals. Filipinos are the hardest working people I know.

I’m Filipino, but I’m not pursuing STEM.

I’m actually a graphic design major, but I do find STEM subjects fascinating.

I’m Filipino, but my ethnicity should not determine my career.

You should be able to pursue your own passion because at the end of the day, you are in charge of your own happiness. Pursue whatever makes you happy.

I’m Filipino, but I’m not submissive.

I am an independent woman who is capable of making her own decisions.

I’m Filipino, but the color of my skin does not determine my level of physical attractiveness.

Dark skin or not, your skin is beautiful and makes you unique.

I’m Filipino and proud to be one.

And you can be too.

Disclaimer: The views of the author do not necessarily represent the views of FIND, Inc.