Fall Dialogue 2015

university of connecticut: mga balikbayan 

A Balikbayan box is a universally recognized term and object amongst the Filipino and Filipino American community as a care package filled with toys, clothes, electronics and other goods that are difficult to obtain in the Philippines. There is, however, a deeper significance associated with this box. The Balikbayan box symbolizes the patriotism and devotion amongst Filipinos and Filipino Americans for their mother country. The theme of Fall Dialogue 2015 is to highlight how the Filipino American Diaspora has shaped the Fil-Am community to preserve ties with their Filipino heritage, despite cultural and geographical distances. Moving along with this idea, there will be a strong emphasis on community to further unify the East Coast Intercollegiate Fil-Am community. Fall Dialogue 2015 will provide an outlet for discussion about how a delegate's cultural identity has impacted and shaped his or her perspective on community and how their community has shaped and impacted them. 

The focus of Fall Dialogue 2015 will be the influence of identity on community and vice-versa. We as delegates have the ability to impact the members of our community. Workshops will address topics focusing on the Filipino American Diaspora to strengthen cultural ties, to identify the problems pertinent in Filipino American culture, and to promote action to tackle these issues.

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